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Biz X Awards

Hollywood Glitz, Glamour And Fame Comes To Essex County

Every year Biz X presents awards to companies and individuals in Windsor-Essex and Detroit, recognizing their hardwork, dedication and talent.

Biz X Awards dining room

The "Rock and Roll" decor for the 2014, 17th Annual Biz X awards gala at St. Clair College Centre for the Arts on November 21, 2014. Decor by Diane Spencler of Designs by Diane. Lighting by Marz Inc. Photography by Rod Denis.

The 17th Annual Biz X Awards Gala Coverage

Video Coverage

The Biz X Awards gala highlights air exclusively throughout the year on TVCOGECO's Plugged In show.

Plugged IN! airs Mondays @ 5:30 p.m., Tuesdays @ 5 p.m. & 6:30 p.m., and Thursdays@ 5 p.m. & 6:30 p.m.

Biz X Award sponsor TV Cogeco

2014 Gala Video Highlights

See what the gala is like and hear comments from two Biz X Award winners, "Saddle Up With This Riding Academy" Sarah Parks Horsemanship and "Extra Special Event Coordinator" - Nancy Campana of Nouveau Event Planning.

Biz X Publisher Deborah Jones welcomes guests, thanks all sponsors and suppliers.

Opening reception coverage.

*Videos by St. Clair College Journalism, MediaPlex Students Sean Frame and assistance from Tecumseh Macguigan.

A Few Previous Biz X Award Winners

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  • Biz X Award sponsor Designs By Diane
  • Biz X Award sponsor St. Clair College
  • Biz X Award sponsor Big Time Presentations
  • Biz X Award sponsor The Trophy Boys
  • Biz X Award sponsor Collins Formal Wear
  • Biz X Award sponsor TV Cogeco
  • Biz X Award sponsor Marz Media
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The "18th Annual Biz X Awards" Categories Are Now Released

Click here to vote now for the 2015 Biz X Awards

Now is your chance, as voting in the "18th Annual Biz X Awards" has officially begun!

Here is how the process works. Every July/August edition (the magazine you are reading right now!) the categories are released.

We rely totally on our readers and area residents to vote for their choices of businesses and people in Windsor Essex to receive this honour. Keep in mind though this is not a popularity contest (although multiple votes are a goal) it may just take ONE exceptional vote, which gets the Judges' attention to earn the win.

Winners and their guests (four people total) receive a complimentary invitation to our formal gala/awards ceremony (held November 20 at St. Clair College Centre For The Arts this year and emceed by Arms Bumanlag of AM 800 and CTV Windsor); a plaque from The Trophy Boys in Windsor; a write-up in our Nov/Dec awards issue and will be declared #1 in their category.

Click here to vote! At the top you click the category you wish to vote in and fill out the rest of the form to submit your vote.

Whenever possible please give us some supporting evidence for your choice. ***If you choose the wrong category, we reserve the right to move it to the appropriate category so that your vote counts.

There is a drop down menu, so once a business or individual already has some votes you will see their name on the list and you simply select them as your choice if you wish. If the business or person's name is NOT showing, type in your choice (double check your spelling please) and it will be added to our list.

Please note that, once again, signed petitions mailed in or any collection of signatures at any place of business IS NOT PERMITTED. All voting must be done via the Biz X website.

If your business would like to solicit votes you can post a sign in your workplace asking customers to vote for you online. Get creative too you can even print up cards for customers to take with them as a friendly reminder to vote for you when they get back to their home or office! Do whatever you can to get them to vote for you on the Biz X website use social media and your website to toot your own horn and get those votes coming in to our Judges!

In the past 17 years Biz X has awarded over 600 recipients in all kinds of industries, so don't be discouraged if you don't see a certain category here as it may have been previously awarded (check our website to see a list of past winners). Remember only the categories listed here are the ones you can vote for! But there really is something for everyone...

Once again you will see five standard awards that occur every year for: "Outstanding New Business," "Powerhouse Professional," "Artist of the Year," "Best Little Retail Shop," and the "Hottest Restaurant" . . . this ensures that every business and local executive whether the other categories relate specifically to them or not has a chance to be included!

If you or your business is fortunate to be voted in, you will be contacted to supply further information on your qualifications, history, and to confirm information supplied by voters. Some may be notified before others depending on when the votes come in, but please be assured this is not a factor in our Judges' decision as the date a vote is entered is NOT recorded. All votes count equally until the final deadline.

All votes received are reviewed by the Biz X panel of Judges who meet in the fall to determine the final winners, but they are not told the final winners as voting is done by secret ballot. Judges may also visit your place of business too anonymously of course! The final results are posted in the November/December edition of Biz X magazine, released mid-November.

Listed here are the four major categories for Essex County with a total of 25 subcategories. US citizens and those living outside Essex County can vote for all categories as well, since they are choosing a local business or person in Windsor Essex.

Please follow the rules below to ensure that your vote counts:

1. Vote only ONCE for each award category. Businesses/people are only permitted to win one award each year. All nominees must be over 19 years of age.

2. Be certain that the company or individual you are voting for fits with the category's criteria.

3. Please be sure that the business/person you vote for is located (or resides) in Windsor or Essex County and is NOT part of a national franchise/chain (except for the people category or non-profit organization. There is just one exception for the people category as it is being judged on the individual and not the company itself and those working for chains/franchises and non-profits are eligible to win in those categories only. An exception for 2015 has been made for non-profit organizations and charities to be included in award #22.

4. Every business in Essex County (with the exceptions above) can win a Biz X Award. *Please note NO MEDIA can participate. All businesses, whether a past or current Biz X advertiser or not, have an equal chance at winning. This ensures there are NO biases and Judges are not told who advertises and who does not when they make their final decision.

All votes must be entered on-line by September 25, 2015 - so vote now!



Motor City Community Credit Union


Windsor Essex Econonmic development


St. Clair College Alumni association


Tecumseh Mall


Mazaar Lebanese Cuisine


Biz X Award charity - Windsor Fire and Rescue
Biz X Award charity - Windsor Fire and Rescue


2013 highlight video by Darren Breckles, St. Clair College Mediaplex

2012 Biz X Award Highlights Video by Glentv.ca