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Richard Rosenthal

April is Earth Month and ERCA Needs You on April 27!

Posted March 30, 2014 @ 8:01PM

Green Team Members Required!

April is Earth Month, and the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) is inviting everyone to join them on Sunday, April 27, 2014 to help plant more than 1,800 native trees and shrubs in the City of Windsor.  This year, the tree planting event will once again take place in the Little River Corridor at Florence and McHugh, just east of the WFCU Centre, thanks to the generous support of the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup and Ecoaction.


Everyone is invited, and if you register 10 or more members from your business or community group for the Green Team Challenge, you’ll receive a Certificate of Participation at the event.  By celebrating Earth Day® as a group, you will leave the precious legacy of a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations. 


“Planting trees is a great way to help the environment as they provide shaded area for recreation, wildlife habitat, and help address climate change by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air,” says Richard Wyma, ERCA’s General Manager.   “The importance of planting trees cannot be overstated, particularly as most of the region’s watersheds scored only a grade of D when it came to forest coverage.”  This year’s tree planting location is located within the Little River watershed, which leads to the Detroit River.


Bring the entire family to plant a tree and learn how they improve our environment. Kids can participate in Nature Crafts and make a Seed Bomb.   Bring your electronic waste to be properly recycled.  A collection of outdated computers, televisions, radio and other electronics is being organized by ERCA’s Youth Engagement Team to benefit the Computers for Kids organization. 


To learn more, see the events calendar and download a Green Team Challenge Registration Form at erca.org.  Earth Day® Celebrations 2014 will take place from 10am until 12 noon on Sunday, April 27 on Florence and McHugh, just east of the WFCU Centre.   


Since 1973, the Essex Region Conservation Authority has served as a community-based organization dedicated to protecting, restoring and managing the natural resources of the Essex Region. 

by Richard Rosenthal

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March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Posted March 7, 2014 @ 7:21PM

Did you know that colon cancer is the number twocancer killer of men and women, yet it is 90%treatable when caught earlyThat is a staggering reality! So why aren’t we, as individuals, doing more to catch colon cancer early???

 In Ontario, an estimated 8,700 men and women were diagnosed with colon cancer in 2013 and approximately 3,350 men and women died of the disease last year. Only lung cancer claims more lives.

The Canadian Cancer Society wants you to help us fight colon cancer this March during Colon Cancer Awareness Month by speaking to your doctor about the importance of getting tested every two years, once you turn 50.  Getting tested for colon cancer, also known as colon cancer screening, means checking for colon cancer before you have symptoms.  Getting checked can find colon cancer early or even prevent it from happening in the first place. It could be as simple as doing a test in the privacy of your own home. Get the bottom line about colon cancer screening, visit stickittocoloncancer.ca

Here are some questions to ask your doctor about colon cancer screening:

1. What’s my risk for getting colon cancer?
2. What tests should I have to find cancer early and when should I have them?
3. How often should I bet tested?
4. How is the test done?
5. Do I need to do anything to prepare for the test?
6. Who will explain the test results?
7. What happens if the results are not normal?

Things to report to your doctor :

Even if you’re getting checked for colon cancer regularly, you shouldn’t ignore any changes to your body. The following symptoms may be caused by colon cancer or by other less serious health problems. See your doctor if you have:

· a change in bowel habits

· blood (either bright red or very dark) in the stool

· diarrhea, constipation or feeling that the bowel does not empty completely

· stools that are narrower than usual

· general abdominal discomfort (frequent gas pains, bloating, fullness or cramps)

· unexplained weight loss

· feeling very tired

· vomiting

 The Canadian Cancer Society cares about men and women living with colon cancer and their families. Our information and support services have been proven to decrease anxiety and increase people’s ability to cope with cancer.  If you know someone who is living with colon cancer, either as a patient or caregiver be sure to tell them about our free information and support services. When you want to know more about cancer, visit our website www.cancer.ca or call our toll-free, bilingual Cancer Information Service at 1 888 939-3333.

ny businesses, organizations, services clubs, groups or interested individuals are invited to contact the Canadian Cancer Society Windsor-Essex County Community Office at 519-254-5116 to request a Lunch and Learn presentation to learn more about cancer screening, available services, progress being made, and volunteer opportunities. 

by Richard Rosenthal

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“Safari Soiree” to Raise Funds for Rotary Mission to Ghana on Feb. 27, 2014

Posted February 14, 2014 @ 2:58PM

A Safari Soiree hosted by Kim Spirou and Laura Joy will take place on Thursday, February 27th at The City Grill Restaurant (375 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor). Doors open at 5 p.m. The goal of this uniquely themed event is to raise funds for the Rotary humanitarian mission trip to Ghana, Africa. 

The event includes hors d’ouevres, cocktails, a raffle and a silent auction. Tickets are $100. Proceeds from this event support the mission to Ghana by funding the purchase of mosquito nets, eye glasses, school backpacks, medical supplies, a water well, and school renovations.

On March 7, 2014 a group of dedicated Rotarians and volunteers will travel to Assin-Bereku, Ghana, each at their own expense, to complete a number of critical projects to help improve the conditions of the people there living in abject poverty. While in Ghana the team will be renovating a dilapidated school, drilling a water well, providing of primary health care, medicines and medical equipment, eye glass clinics and mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria, Africa’s number one killer.

“We are so blessed to be living in Canada and I think people realize that everyone has the power to make a difference if they choose. I am amazed at the generosity of people in our region who continue to respond and reach out across the globe to alleviate the suffering of people in Ghana who they will likely never meet. It is absolutely astounding to witness the extent of empathy our community has demonstrated for the people living in this impoverished, remote region of Ghana,” says Kim Spirou, mission team leader.

The Rotary team has been raising funds in a variety of ways since the summer and still requires about $20,000 to reach its $75,000 goal for the trip. Team members have witnessed first-hand the tremendous impact that even modest investments can make upon the lives of underprivileged African children and hope that people in Windsor Essex will help with their mission to enhance the lives of these children and their families by attending this event.

For more information or to reserve your tickets for Safari Soiree please contact by Kim Spirou at 519-551-3747 or 519-253-0111.

by Richard Rosenthal

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Vote For Your Favourite Local Company Who Supported United Way by Feb. 17., 2014

Posted February 7, 2014 @ 7:54PM


Every year, United Way recognizes workplaces, individuals and unions at the "I Believe in My Community Awards."  And this year, we want to hear from you!  We have a new award—"THE INNOVATION AWARD," sponsored by Netmon Incorporated.  The award recognizes a group or business that has supported their community through United Way by implementing a fun, creative, unique and engaging event or activity. 
Check out the nominees below, and cast your vote on the poll shown on United Way’s Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/unitedway.windsoressex?v=app_126231547426086&app_data=%7B%7D).   And the nominees are:

In October, Dave Hitchcock Chevrolet teamed up with United Way, Community Living Essex County and the Town of Essex to host ‘Drive for a Cause’.  For every test drive taken, the dealership, in partnership with GM, donated $25 to the Essex Area Food Bank and the Salvation Army Essex through United Way.  Mayor of Essex, Ron McDermott, participated in the event and urged the public to support the local community.  The dealership also organized a food drive, and promoted their initiatives through Facebook and their partners. 


Partnering to Prevent Poverty was collaboration between the following financial institutions: RBC, TD, BMO, CIBC, Scotiabank and HSBC. During the month of November and December, over 90 banking branches in Windsor-Essex County sold Kernels brand popcorn at their teller wickets. For $2, a family of 4 will be provided with a nutritious food basket.


In January, St. Clair College, OPSEU Local 137 and 138 organized a Trivia Night for United Way.  Forty-five employees from staff, management and students participated in the event.  Nine teams competed for trophies and raised funds for United Way.  It was a great way to get the staff involved in a fun activity, while supporting the community through United Way!


Students from the Odette School of Business organized a “Dress to Impress” fashion show in November to raise funds for United Way.  They held the event on campus, promoted it to their peers, and brought together 75 students!  In the end, they were able to raise awareness make a donation to United Way on behalf of the students. 


The Shoes for Schools Campaign is a partnership between Scotiabank and United Way to benefit students within the Catholic, French and Public School Boards in Windsor-Essex.  Scotiabank employees reached out to customers to donate $25 for a pair of shoes to be purchased for students who could not otherwise afford them.  Students were identified from each school board, and gift cards were distributed.  Scotiabank even matched all of the funds raised by their customers!


In December, The Job Shoppe personally delivered 75 snowman kits to their clients as a holiday gift.   Their clients — local workplaces — were then asked to participate in a Snowman Challenge for United Way.  They were asked to make a snowman, take a picture, and post it to the Job Shoppe’s Facebook page.  For each snowman, the Job Shoppe donated $20 to United Way.   They promoted the  campaign heavily on social media and on CTV, and  in the end, they even decided to double their donation to United Way! 

by Richard Rosenthal

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Stilt Guys Looking For Stilt Girls!

Posted February 5, 2014 @ 12:51PM

Stilt Guys Mark Lefebvre and Kyle Sipkens, Biz X Award Winners

 announce Talent Search to find

The Next Stilt Girl(s)

Registration at www.stiltguys.com/NextStiltGirl

Open Auditions started Feb. 1stand end Feb. 28th to combine tryouts in dance, improvisation and singing with public appearances as popular troupe looks to expand their roster of performers once again. Professional contracts will be offered to those who successfully make the cut.

Sipkens states “Bringing enthusiasm and likeability are qualities as important as proficiency with dance, music, improvisation and circus arts. ‘Street theatre on the tradeshow floor’ is what our corporate clients expect with audience interaction being our core strength. All ages and demographics respond to our larger than life charm and the ability to cleverly deliver corporate messaging in various characters will help us determine who to hire and train.“ He also says “And we DANCE!  This is physically demanding work and our motto ‘Charisma + Stamina’ means bringing Wow Factor every time.”

 The initial audition took place Saturday, February 1st at the Dance Studio at Absolute Fitness for Women where hopefuls tackled basic choreography as well as having a chance to improvise. On Thursday, February 6th they will have fun singing karaoke at Carparelli’s Sound Lounge. Wrapping up the tryouts at the end of the month they will appear at the Windsor Express basketball team’s final regular season home game at the WFCU Centre on Friday, February 28th.

 “In 2012 we hired three new performers and our business just keeps on growing!” says Lefebvre “Lindsay Bellaire has been a fan favourite and a role model for many young girls. She is now concentrating on training in Toronto as an aerialist and we want to find a few more talented women who live up to our (literally) high standard.” He says “This 10th season for Stilt Guys has been awesome with us entertaining crowds at major festivals and appearing at the opening ceremonies for the International Children’s Games. We easily doubled the number of event bookings and have just recently cut a long-term deal with Motor City Casino in Detroit. Expanding into the US is a game changer!”

Those wishing to audition must go to www.stiltguys.com/NextStiltGirlfor full details.

For interviews/bookings, contact  stiltguys@stiltguys.comor Mark Lefebvre by phone at (519) 903-4751.

by Richard Rosenthal

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Unemployed Help Centre’s Food Rescue Program “Plentiful Harvest” Jan. 28. 2014

Posted January 24, 2014 @ 10:20AM


All are welcome to attend the Open House and Luncheon for donors, sponsors and friends of Plentiful Harvest.  They would like to give back to the generous farmers, greenhouses, donors and sponsors who have made their Food Rescue Program such a great success. Here guests will have the opportunity to see firsthand the benefit to the community and how their donations have made a difference. Red Seal Chef Roger Poirier and the students who work and study in their Community Kitchen have put together an innovative luncheon menu featuring fresh local foods, and staff will provide tours for those who have not yet visited their fantastic new facility.  They will also announce how many pounds of food have been rescued to date and the social agencies and neighborhoods that have benefited from the donations.

If you require further information, please feel free to contact June Muir at 519 – 981-3222 (cell) or  Mike Turnbull, Food Rescue Manager, Plentiful Harvest 519 944-4900 ext 149.

by Richard Rosenthal

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Practice Your Pitch Jan 16 With WEtech & Then Audition for CBC January 23, 2014

Posted January 14, 2014 @ 12:16PM

CBC’s Dragons’ Den Windsor auditions are almost here. What better way to prepare for your audition than to practice your pitch in front of local entrepreneurs and investors. In this session, local inventors and entrepreneurs will be giving 5 minutes to pitch their idea to local entrepreneurs/investors. Each pitch will be followed up with a 5 minute feedback session. This session is open to anyone looking for an opportunity to practice their pitch regardless of if you will be attending the Dragons’ Den Windsor auditions set for January 23rd. The Practice Your Pitch session takes place January 16th - 1 week before CBC Dragons’ Den auditions come to Windsor.

Who Should Attendthe Practice Session
Entrepreneurs and Inventors looking to practice their pitch and get “real” feedback from “real” investors/entrepreneurs.

Important Pitch Information

  • All interested entrepreneurs/inventors must submit an application at www.practiceyourpitchwindsor.eventbrite.com.
  • Applications will be reviewed and pitch spots will be selected on a first come first serve basis.
  • Pitches will be timed and limited to 5 minutes ONLY.
  • Pitches are limited to props ONLY (no PowerPoint, etc…)
  • Each pitch has 2 minutes for setup (if needed)
  • Showing vs. Telling - You should be able to explain your product in 5 minutes with or without technical support.
    Please direct any inquiries to Yvonne Pilon at ypilon@wetech-alliance.com or 519-997-2857
    Event Details for PRACTICE PITCH
    Date : January 16, 2014
    Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM
    Location: The Accelerator 720 Ouellette Avenue (Free parking in rear)
    Cost: Free

Open auditions are coming to Windsor at Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce (2575 Ouellette Place) on January 23. The audition tour welcomes participants of all ages, with no prior television experience required. With the highly-rated ‘All-Student’ episode and the recent launch of Kevin O’Leary’s Future Dragon Fund, DRAGONS’ DEN continues to seek out and support young Canadian entrepreneurs.

Aspiring entrepreneurs should be prepared to pitch their concept to the DRAGONS’ DEN producers in five minutes or less. If they show the producers that they’ve got the chops to land financial backing for their business venture, they could be invited into the Den to brave the Dragons. Prospective pitchers are encouraged to apply online and bring a completed application form to the audition.

Visit http://www.cbc.ca/dragonsden/auditions  for more details.

by Richard Rosenthal

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Charity Pasta Night for IRIS, JANUARY 8, 2014

Posted January 2, 2014 @ 1:05PM

IRIS hosts  the “Caboto Charity Pasta” event on Wednesday, Jan. 8/14.

from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

G. Caboto Club, 2175 Tecumseh Rd. E.   519-252-8383

Please come and enjoy famous Caboto pasta (meat / vegetarian sauce), salad, buns, butter, coffee, tea!

Baked goods, etc. also will be sold.


Adult (13-60) $9

Seniors (>60) $8

Children (5-12) $6 

Children under 5 (with paying adult) free

Take out – $10


Please help 12 local charities!

by Richard Rosenthal

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Want to win $200 to the U of W Bookstore? Submit your design idea for the EPICentre by Dec. 31, 2013

Posted December 1, 2013 @ 9:51PM

click both flyers to enlarge

by Richard Rosenthal

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Gordie Howe is Coming To Town Nov. 29 & 30, 2013

Posted November 26, 2013 @ 10:40AM

click on above graphic to enlarge
Be sure to get your tickets for the VIP Reception November 29, 2013 and also come to the Holiday Parade on the 30th at 3 pm....all downtown Windsor!

by Richard Rosenthal

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