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The X-Factor

Here's A Few Reasons Why We RUN Circles Around The Competition

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1. We hit your exact target market: Biz X is the region's only international border city publication. We reach both the American and Canadian markets - - no other Windsor magazine does this for you!

2. We are delivered to every registered business in Windsor & Essex County by Canada Post and to businesses in selected areas of metro Detroit. This targeted distribution means that the number of readers per copy may be as high as the number of individuals employed in each business...think of how many potential customers that could be for your business!

3. Previous issues of Biz X Magazine can be found in professional and business offices for up to a year. So your ads are seen over and over again by many people.

4. The unique 3-D on-line format of Biz X means even more people see your ads! When you advertise in our print edition, a complimentary link to your website (if mentioned in your ad) in our digital edition is included. That's unlimited circulation and more X-posure!

5. Biz X is a top-rated business & people publication with just a touch of lifestyle, entertainment and sports mixed in. This helps readers achieve both a positive work environment, as well as a healthy home one.

6. Your ad will not get lost in our pages. We have a ratio of 60% editorial to 40% ads.

7. Our monthly story lines and features relate to up-to-date business news. We promote new businesses by offering free coverage of grand openings, new products and service announcements. As well, our annual Biz X Awards recognize hundreds of nominated businesses and people in various fields.

8. Biz X's extensive marketing campaign includes ads in its own publication, as well as COGECO community tv, radio, billboards, the Internet, phone directories and event sponsorship (the convention and visitors bureau hospitality hero awards, the wedding odyssey show, bluesfest international, 9-1-1 community service awards, "It's All About You" luncheon for Hospice, Firefest and more). The more attention Biz X receives, the more X-posure for your company too!

9. Our ad rates are lower than other publications. Plus, we offer FREE COLOUR & FREE AD DESIGN!

10. We're simply just the best thing that could happen to your business!