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volume 18 • issue 9

4 Funny Stuf
5 From The Publisher: Coming Soon To A Magazine Near You – The Big Awards Issue & Gala!
6 Editorial Viewpoint
Columnist Alan Halberstadt chronicles the tragic purge of rose gardens in Windsor, but has an idea to
dispense with the persistent urges of mayors to spend gobs of tax payers money on consultants to rebrand
the “City of Roses.”
8 Front Lines
11 Heard On The Street
12 Corporate Spotlight: The Inaugural “Fête Accomplie”
14 Newslash
16 Dates To Remember
24 Biz X Was There
In late September, proprietors and wine growers Martin Gorski and Suzanne Dajczak ( shown in top photo
by Rod Denis) celebrated North 42 Degrees Estate Winery’s third anniversary, in the lavender garden with
24 a bottle of 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon. The garden and the winery are located at 130 County Road 50,
Colchester. Of course, the pair were not the only ones celebrating recently in Essex County. Biz X was there
is filled with all kinds of positive news on grand openings, events and celebrity sightings!
30 26 Health Matters: Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare Partners With Our Region For Over 127 Years
28 Portfolio Corner
29 Biz Bits: Marketing Scams – Beware!
30 Feature: Welcome To Dalhousie Street, Amherstburg
Six distinctive restaurants along an historical stretch of Dalhousie Street ( middle photo by Rachel Charron )
are quickly turning this tiny town into a dining destination to rival any across the county. We’ll prove to
you there is no need to go to the ends of the earth to enjoy fine cuisine, just travel a wee bit down the road
to nearby Amherstburg.
34 Power Lunch: Colchester Eatery, Harrow, ON
35 Event Proile: “Second Annual Artilicious”
36 Event Proile: “River Lights Winter Festival” In Amherstburg
37 Your Local Biz Forecast: Lights Sound Action!
38 Small Business Advice: October Is “Small Business Month”
39 Generation YKNOT: Young Entrepreneurs In Windsor Essex
40 XX Files: Yvonne Lyons Of Caribbean Tanning Salon
42 Hot Shots: Toga! Toga! Toga! The “8th Annual Roman Feast 2015” Festivities
43 Hot Shots: Ottawa Street BIA’s “100 Years Of Fashion”
44 Dynamic Duo: Theresa Lecours & Jim Lengyel, Silver Tee Golf & Virtual Gaming Centre
45 Ask The Experts: Michael Difazio Reclaim Artistry
Pictured at left is a hand-crafted, maple island table top constructed from a former bowling alley lane. And
the sides of the island include components from a 1920’s era home, with the shelving in the background
45 incorporating beams from a church over 200 years old. The man behind these creative pieces is Michael
Difazio, a Reclaim Artist who sees the value and the potential in unwanted and unusable materials and
objects. Read up on his business in our regular home column.
46 “Biz MiXer” Highlights: The Summer “Biz MiXer” River Cruise
48 From The Bookshelf
49 The Way It Was
50 Biz Of The Month: Leisure Trailer Sales, 58 Successful Years In Operation

ON THE COVER — “Yahoo! It’s a Celebration!” — 18

Making it in the business world means being able to grow through years of ups and downs, overcoming challenges and changing with the times.
In 2015, local business owners (from left on cover photo) Brian Bendig of Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd.; Frank Binder of Royal LePage Binder
Real Estate; Frank Abbruzzese of AlphaKOR Group Inc.; Laurie Ohler of Colonial Cofee Co. Ltd; Rose McAulife of The A1 Courier Service; and Wayne
Wharramof Wharram’s Jewellery, are celebrating milestone anniversaries and share some of their secrets to success with Biz X magazine!
Group photo/PhotoShop work by Rod Denis. Background credit: ©


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