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The city used to have 10 to 12 gardeners
No Need For Expensive devoted to Jackson Park to apply rose dust
to fight black spot, perpetually prune them
Brand Windsor Campaign and protect the plants from hostile winter
weather. Today Jackson Park has one full-
time and one part-time horticulturist, aided
By Alan Halberstadt by five seasonal students.
As for branding, Roberts thinks we should
promote the conditions that made Windsor
a haven for roses in the first place – our
H ere we go again. Windsor’s current “Thinking Forward.” It unfurled a new logo moderate climate and Carolinian Forest live
Mayor, Drew Dilkens, is acting like with a contorted W that some likened to a zone. Two years ago local field naturalists
two peas in a pod with his predecessor Eddie
Francis. He wants to rebrand Windsor and phallic symbol. and city employee Tom Preney started an
The “Thinking Forward” slogan died a annual bioblitz at Ojibway Park.
burnish our tattered image. natural death, and the university has since A bioblitz  is a 24 hour event in which
The more things change the more they come up with another sparkling logo teams of volunteers work together to find and
stay the same. One of the first things featuring a spangled W. It has recently identify as many species of plants, animals,
Dilkens did after being elected last October retained a marketing firm to launch another microbes, fungi, and other organisms as
was to get his new Council to spend $40,000 feel good campaign. Dilkens hasn’t yet possible.
on a Toronto consulting firm to create a asked Council to set aside megabucks on a “The blitz has proven that we are the most
20 year plan. branding campaign – but stay tuned. biodiverse region in Canada,” boasts Roberts,
Quelle Surprise. The Torontonians didn’t It was delicious irony that the parks who thinks it might be a natural segue to
tell us anything we didn’t know. They department began ripping out the 13,000 expand our tall grass areas into a national
identified five main challenges – the nation’s roses in Jackson Park in 2008. By 2009, the urban nature park and brand ourselves
top jobless rate, the loss of automotive 150 variety of rose species from around the “Windsor Green.”
manufacturing jobs, the low forecast for world were virtually caput. And so were Great idea Phil. City Council could save
population growth, keeping the city’s books busloads of rose loving tourists. megabucks on a superficial image campaign,
balanced and producing a succession plan to Former Parks Executive Director Don and maybe stop the disgraceful practice
address an aging bureaucracy. Sadler says the decision to dismantle most of of fighting environmentalists like the Save
Ho hum. We are supposedly going to the 20,000 roses city wide was made chiefly Ojibway Group trying to prevent a big box
wrestle these demons to the ground by for environmental reasons. Roses require development at the edge of this biodiverse
coming up with a new brand to supplant the fungicides (pesticides) to fend off disease, gem in our midst.
old ones – “Rose City” and “Motor City.” and after one wicked winter virtually wiped
The mainstream media has eagerly them out, the die was cast. Letter To The Editor
mounted this hobby horse to fill dead news Hundreds of rows of rose beds were In your recent edition (September
space, find the city a new name and “change replaced with simple turf. The purge
2015), in the Q&A with Alan Halberstadt,
the conversation,” as Francis put it about coincided with the beginning of the Francis Matthew Moroun misrepresented my
eight years ago. tax freeze regime. Soon the Jackson Park public comments as support for the
Unfortunately, the conversation hasn’t beds, which began with a federal government Ambassador Bridge’s twin span proposal.
changed. Francis had his Council put aside grant as a Centennial Year gift to Windsor in For clarity, on the record, I don’t
$900,000 for an image campaign in the 1967 – were no more. support a proposal for a twinning of the
2008 budget. The tactic drew searing heat There was virtually no public consultation Ambassador Bridge. I would support a full
from critics such as automotive analyst about the implications to the “Rose City” and true replacement of the ageing and
Dennis DesRosiers. brand. It was just part of a budget cut. Today, deteriorating Ambassador Bridge – one
“It appears that the preferred method the magnificent Nell roses once spread in which has been poorly maintained by the
for dealing with the mighty economic gardens around the city have practically operating company.
challenges is to create the appearance vanished. For even greater clarity, any proposal by
of ‘doing something’ or ‘spin control,’ Even the rose garden in Willistead Park, Moroun et al for a new bridge must be tied
complete with glossy brochures and fancy named after iconic politician Paul Martin to the removal of the Ambassador Bridge.
slide shows,” DesRosiers told the Greater Sr., contains only a few Nell roses, named Currently there is nothing in his proposal
Windsor Homebuilders’ Association after Martin’s wife Nell. If your company or to indicate he intends to do so. One can
in a 2008 speech. organization is called Rose City Ford, Rose only assume that Moroun and company
Ouch! Francis ultimately capitulated and City Tile or Rose City Gymnastics, sorry intend to twin the Ambassador Bridge.
had the $900,000 diverted to sprucing up about your luck. Being part of a government that is
overseeing the construction of the new
Windsor’s gateways. Mercifully, a few of these splendid
Gordie Howe International Bridge
A wise move, although he didn’t specimens still exist. There’s a new bed
contemplate that the new landscaping in Bert Weeks Garden, and the City Hall for expanded and redundant capacity,
would become choked with h weedsorseshoe bed still puts on a show. there is no need for three bridges, only
because his tax freeze brand didn’t give But, it would cost tens of thousands of two. I encourage Matthew Moroun, and
his company, to amend its proposal to
enough maintenance money to the dollars and take decades to restore our
include the complete dismantling of the
parks department. collection back to full glory. Sadler says each Ambassador Bridge to make his proposed
The University of Windsor embarked plant costs $7 or $8. Even rose aficionado new bridge a true replacement span.
on its own big bucks glossy branding and Phil Roberts, the new head of parks, says the
marketing campaign back then, called job of maintaining them is unsustainable. ~ Jeff Watson, MP Essex


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